SEO in 2018: 9 Techniques Google Hates That Will Destroy Your Rankings [Infographic]

SEO is short for ‘search engine optimization'. It is a good way to get attention for your business because it helps you show up in search results. If your page is closer to the top of the page it will be clicked on more readily than if it's way down in the list of results. The tips given here are actually not liked by Google and will not do you any favors. You should avoid them, though SEO can still help you a lot. Quote – Google can recognize if there is a high number of transferred links between websites and will penalize them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google will penalize sites for buying links when they detect it, so be wary.
  • Another tactic to avoid is stuffing keywords into anchor text, which is not rewarded by the Google algorithm.
  • Even something that seems organic, such as trading links with other websites, can be recognized and rejected by Google.

“Do you plan to invest time and money into SEO in 2018? Want to know the techniques Google hates and could negatively affect your ranking?”

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