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We made it to 2022!

If you’re like us, you love starting the New Year off with a personal goal or resolution. Maybe you’d like to hit the gym, eat better, or visit an exotic location. 

But we also love setting a challenge for our business. Nothing formal or too serious–just something that helps motivate us to come up with fresh ideas and an excuse to try something new. It’s our way of ensuring we’re always pushing ourselves forward in what we do. 


Why a social media challenge?

We’ve all read or been told somewhere that any well-built digital marketing strategy includes regular activity on social media. New and established social media platforms are an excellent, low-cost (often free) way to reach out to and connect with your customers. 

Social media is also becoming more vital every year. In 2020, 50% of people surveyed said they will research a company directly on social media before making a purchase. 

It can’t be ignored. 

But sometimes posting can start to feel like a chore. We see lower than expected engagement and lose motivation, or get busy and let our focus drift. Our initial plan for daily posts stretches to every 3 days or once a week. Before you know it, some platforms don’t get touched for months at a time.  

Let’s start 2022 off by building some momentum with our social media strategy!


Building Momentum for the New Year!

You’re free to start the 30-day challenge at any time–don’t limit yourself to thinking that resolutions are just in early January right after New Year. Whenever you’re ready to start a positive change is the right time to begin, so don’t wait for a specific time or day. The key is that you commit to 30 straight days of posts. 


Why 30 days? 

It’s a round number? Just kidding, it’s a good amount of time to build momentum in something. 

30 days is a good amount of time to start building a healthy habit. It’s also long enough that you’ll run out of your normal post ideas. When you run out of your normal social media posts, you’re nudged out of your comfort zone. Sometimes our best ideas come when we’re forced to adapt and get more creative.

Also, a lot of digital strategies need time to see results. You might get lucky and make a single post that goes viral and brings in all your business for the year. But chances are, you’ll need a variety of steady posts to build regular traction. 

You never know which post will resonate with which customer, so it’s good to spread out the posts and focus on using different technology platforms to improve your business performance. It’s always a good idea to publish a steady stream of content. It's a way of showing up for your business, customers, clients, and future prospects!


Think you can handle 30 days of social media posts? 

Some of you might be worrying, how can I possibly come up with 30 different posts? Don’t worry, we’re not challenging you to post without a bit of guidance. 

We have a number of tips (actually a full 30 if you want them all) to help jump-start your thinking and get your creative juices flowing. Use all 30, or none at all, but don’t feel like this is a rigid guide that must be followed to the letter. 

The goal here is to get you thinking creatively about your social media posts. You don’t have to be stuck in a rigid series of product posts. Social media is about connection and conversation. Sometimes, the most effective accounts are those that are the most personal and honest. 

You’ll often get surprised. A picture of your messy desk might get more traction than a perfectly styled and executed product shot. 


Without further ado, here are 30 ideas to help kickstart your 30-days of social media posting:


  1. Take a Picture of your Workspace – people love getting an inside look at someone’s life and creative process. 
  2. Answer a Question – your customers often come to your social media accounts to find answers to their questions. When they know you’re there and responding, they’re more likely to stay active and engaged with you. 
  3. Introduce your newest employee or a co-worker – customers love seeing the people behind the scenes and getting to know who their purchases support. 
  4. Share something Popular – if there’s a trend in your industry, join in on the conversation to show you are an active part of your community. This helps build your subject matter authority. 
  5. Ask your audience a multiple choice question – polls and MCQ's are a great way to start a debate and gain insights into how your customers think. 
  6. Share about a Future Community Event – showing that you are active and involved in your community is a great way to build local business and become a part of your local scene
  7. Share something funny – who doesn’t love a good pick-me-up or laugh in the middle of a day? Show something funny to you to show your less businessy side. 
  8. Post a Fill-In-The-Blank Statement – prompt your customers to share their ideas on a topic or product by guiding the conversation. 
  9. Share Your Company’s/Property Story – are you in a repurposed warehouse that used to be part of something else or have some hauntings to report? 
  10. Create a video, featuring your company or property – many of your customers might have never visited your physical location. Giving them a look at where and how you work helps build trust and community. 
  11. Share a ‘TBT’ or Throwback Thursday Image – everyone loves a dose of nostalgia, and sharing where you came from helps your customers feel like they’re part of a bigger story. 
  12. Post Something Seasonal – holidays and fun “official day” posts (e.x. National Pancake Day) are a great way to share something that’s timely. 
  13. Share Some Inspiration – if something inspired you, chances are it’ll help someone else 
  14. Highlight a Resident of the Month or a Resident ‘Pup / Dog’ of the Month – if there’s one sure-fire ticket to success on social media, it’s pet posts. 
  15. Share an attention-grabbing statistic – 60% of the time it works 100% of the time. But seriously, people love stats and they help information stand out from other posts. 
  16. Interview a customer/client – people love hearing from people outside your company about what you do, and talking to a happy customer or client helps you share a success story and also lets you leverage their network. 
  17. Share someone else’s content – you don’t always have to create everything yourself. If you saw something relevant on another site, it is perfectly acceptable to share it along in your posts. 
  18. Do a repeat of something that worked well – have you had a post that did better than others? Try rewriting it or supplementing it in some way to see if your audience wants more. 
  19. Share your latest email newsletter or announcement – it’s great to post updates about what’s going on or the latest developments on social media to keep your audience in the loop.  
  20. Edit and Share An Image – people are visual and images really help grab someone’s attention in a busy social media feed. 
  21. Link to an infographic you think your audience will enjoy – create your own or share one that someone else created (with credit of course). 
  22. Share your favorite or current book – read something that inspired you or just really entertained you? There’s no reason not to share it with your audience. 
  23. Correct a common misconception that relates to your industry – help clear up misinformation and establish yourself as an authority in your industry or field. 
  24. Give a shout-out to another local business – showing you support and are an active participant in your local community always resonates with people. 
  25. Show off your expertise with a helpful tip – some people think they should keep their secrets to themselves. Those people are not successful on social media. Everyone loves helpful tips and they are a great way to establish you know what you’re doing. 
  26. Post something in celebration of a company milestone (eg Birthday / Anniversary) – let people in on your history and story and let them join in the celebrations. 
  27. Cross-promote your Social Channels – don’t forget to cross-link to ensure your customers know all your accounts and everywhere they can find updates from you. 
  28. Ask people to join your mailing list – don’t be afraid to push or promote activities you’d like your customers to join. If you have a mailing list, be sure to promote it. But make sure that it will offer real value for your audience. 
  29. Share something about an event you recently attended – let your audience know what you’re up to and how you’re spending your time. Tip: this doesn’t always have to be an industry-related event. 
  30. Thank your followers for their support – your customers are sharing their lives and feed with you by joining you on social media. Be sure to take time out to thank them for supporting and following you. 

We hope this list is helpful. Again, even if you don’t use every single point, we hope that it helps you develop your own solid list of ideas for social content updates. But now, it’s up to you and time to get started!

Can you handle 30 Days of Social Media Posts, Tweets, Pins, Instagram Pics & YouTube Videos? I know you can!

Let the challenge begin!

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