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The Importance of Website Maintenance for Your Nonprofit

Once a non-profit creates a website and gets it up and running on the internet, the organization should engage in some best practices to get the most out of the website. First, make sure someone is assigned to manage the website and keep it updated. Second, if the website uses WordPress, don't shy away from calling a developer to assist with updates. Call your hosting provider if there are any issues, and make sure to save site back ups in case of a later bug or glitch. Finally, make sure there is someone on hand who can fix technical issues when they arise.

Key Takeaways:

It is important to assign a role to someone so that they take care of your website.

Always update your websites plugins, and don't be afraid to call the developer.

It is very fundamental that your website is backed up.

“Your website is your most important tool in giving communities the information they need and is essential for your organization to remain relevant in a digital age.”

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