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What Do I Post On Social Media?

This is the number one question people ask when it comes to social media marketing.

Don’t worry, we have a super useful list of ideas for you down at the bottom of this post. But if you’ll indulge us for a minute, we’d first like to break some of the common fears and issues holding people back on social media. 

Many people get into a rut when it comes to their social media posts. They share some product pictures, promotions, and maybe an inspirational quote or two and call it a day. 

The crazy thing is that there are really countless ways you can post on social platforms.

But sometimes we get so fixated on what we think we should do, we lose focus on what we can do. Maybe we spend too much time looking at the posts of others in our industry or companies we respect and feel like how they post is the “right” way. 

Remind yourself – social media is still new

Social media has rapidly become a staple digital marketing solution for companies of all sizes. It’s become so prevalent and expected to have a social media presence, we overlook the fact that it hasn’t been with us that long. 

In reality, business use of social media platforms is still in its infancy. It was just around a decade ago when only oddball/forward-thinking companies had Facebook accounts. 

While a number of “best practices” exist now for how frequently you should post, what you should post, etc. – the truth is, everyone is still figuring things out. Sometimes what you think will work performs the best, and other times you can do everything the right way on social media and completely fail. Some companies make mistake after mistake and have a winning account. 

So, do yourself a favor and stop worrying so much about doing everything by the book or completely right. Like SEO strategies, these things adapt and change over time. Let yourself feel free to take a risk every now and then. 

But be mindful of the rules

I know we just said to ignore the rules. 

Hear us out, though. We don’t mean rules like post a picture every Tuesday at 9am for the most clicks. The rules we’re sharing are the spirit and attitude behind what you post – not formulas for what to post when. 

Again, these rules are more guidelines covering universal truths for social media that seem to work regardless of the specifics of the campaign or type of content being posted. So whether you’re sharing your favorite photo, a text update, or a video of your employee of the month, these rules apply. 

These aren’t cookie-cutter solutions. Each of these “rules” needs to be weighed and adapted by your business to find your voice. 

So, before you skip down to the end of this article for the 70 social media post ideas, here are a few rules to help you get the most impact out of any ideas or posts you do have:

1. Make it RELEVANT for your audience.

This should go without saying, but always keep your audience in mind. They have limited time each day and you’re competing against hundreds and thousands of other things vying for their attention. 

For Example:

If you choose to share something from your bucket list…

Can you relate it back to your business?

Can you add in an open-ended question so it sparks people to engage?

Think of why your audience would want this information or post? Does it help them get to know you more? Does it answer a question they might have? 

2. Talk TO your audience, not AT them. 

Don’t neglect the social side of social media. People are looking for brands, stories, and posts that they can connect with. If you’re not opening the door for conversation and involvement, you close the door for engagement.

For Example:

DON’T DO THIS: I read a quote this morning, liked it, and wanted to share it with you.

DO THIS: Have you ever read a quote and thought, “Wow, I really needed to hear that?” Well, I found one this morning that was so perfect, I had to pass it on to you. 

The difference is in the way you talk with your audience. We promise you’ll see a difference in how people respond when you word things just a little differently or invite your audience to participate and share. 

3. Your posts should ALWAYS support your business goals. 

It might be your weekly, monthly, annual marketing, or business goals, but your posts should tie into your overall strategy. We’re not saying that every post should be trying to close a sale. That’s a sure-fire way to drive your audience away. 

But tie the posts back to what you’re wanting to accomplish. Do you need more customers or are you hoping that the customers you do have will buy more? Both of these business goals would be supported by different post types. 

– Post to connect.

– Post to learn more about your audience.

– Post to start a conversation.

– Post to get leads.

– Post to drive traffic.

– Post to build your business.

The more you can do this, the faster you reach your goals.


Ok, you’ve either stuck it out with us or skipped down to here. Without further ado, here are 70 different types of posts you can make on social media to help get your creative juices flowing. If you want to challenge yourself, try to go through the entire list in a month or two and see what happens to your social media accounts. 

  1. Remind People Who You Are, How You Got Started
  2. Go Behind The Scenes
  3. Share a Personal Story
  4. Tell People What You Sell
  5. Share a Joke (Graphics or Text)
  6. Share a Quote (Graphics or Text)
  7. Host an #AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  8.   Post a How-To or Tutorial
  9. Ask a Question
  10. Host a Poll
  11. Share Your Favorite Book
  12. Ask for Recommendations (Book, TV, Apps, Music, Something related to your biz)
  13. Host a Giveaway
  14. Tell People to Sign Up On Your Email List
  15. Give away a coupon
  16. Host a Sale
  17. Remind People To Buy  Your Products or Services
  18. Share a Quick Tip
  19. Share Industry News (Add Your Thoughts To It)
  20. Go LIVE (Live Videos Perform AMAZINGLY WELL)
  21. Post a Sneak Peek of something coming soon
  22. Share a Blog Post You Wrote
  23. Share Any Press or PR Features You Have
  24. Post a Testimonial From a Client
  25. Give Your Audience A Gift
  26. Re-Share Some Older Content (Graphics, Quotes, Blog Posts)
  27. Host a 1 Day Only Flash Sale
  28. Share Content From Someone Else
  29. Let Someone Guest Post or Takeover Your Profile
  30. Post a Case Study
  31. Answer FAQ’s
  32. Share Some Personal Wins or Results
  33. Host an Interview with a Guest
  34. Post Something Seasonal or Highlight a Holiday
  35. Thank Your Fans!
  36. Post Motivational Monday
  37. Post a Tuesday Tip
  38. Post a Wednesday Wisdom
  39. Post a Throwback Thursday
  40. Post a Flashback Friday
  41. Share a Short Video Clip (Yours or one you like)
  42. Share a podcast episode you love
  43. Share a YouTube video you love
  44. Post some interesting stats or data about your industry
  45. Share your favorite resources (Apps, Websites, Blogs)
  46. Share a WIN or SUCCESS
  47. Share a LOSS or a FAILURE
  48. Share Your Morning Routine
  49. Post about events you’re hosting or going to
  50. Post where you’ll be speaking or where you’re making appearances
  51. Share an Unknown Feature About Your Products or Services
  52. Let Your Employee Take Over For a Day
  53. Show someone using your product
  54. Post a discount or a special offer
  55. Tell People How You Got Started
  56. Share What Inspired You To Create Your Product or Service
  57. Shoutout or Mention Other Brands
  58. Shoutout or Mention Your Clients
  59. Share a Success Story
  60. Share a Few Of Your Favorite Things
  61. Post a Fill In The Blank
  62. Talk about Mistakes People Are Making
  63. Share a Tweet You Like
  64. Share a Pinterest Pin You Like
  65. Share Your Other Social Profiles to Connect On
  66. Share Your Contact Info
  67. Post About A Trip You’ve Taken
  68. Share a Charity You’ve Partnered With
  69. Post About Something On Your Bucket List
  70. Ask Your Audience How They Found You


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