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How to Troubleshoot a 504 Error on Your WordPress Site

There is a way to troubleshoot a 504 error on your WordPress site. There are so many different things that can go wrong for you when you run your own business. There are also many contributing factors as well like human and environmental factors. No matter how good you are at setting up a web page you could still get that dreaded 504 error. People may wonder where that error message comes from and why it pops up.

Key Takeaways:

Each error tells you a code about what to troubleshoot when figuring out the website.

500 codes mean that something is wrong with the server, either a timeout or something worse.

Test multiple paths to determine if you just have a bad link all the way to a hacking problem.

“When troubleshooting a 504 gateway timeout error on your website, pay attention to the verbiage if you want help narrowing down the root of the problem.”

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