Web Design Checklist: 57 Things to Check Before Launching Your Site [Infographic]

These 57 items are crucial to creating and maintaining a successful and optimized website. The primary categories range from page content, design, functionality, search engine optimization, analytics, security, backups, and compliance. The 57 items are organized into the 7 primary categories, utilizing healthful and informative graphs to illustrate how all aspects are interconnected and critical to creating a powerful and operable website.

Key Takeaways:

  • Page content has been created, proofread, and checked for accuracy before publishing.
  • The design focuses on compatibility across all browsers, devices, and platforms for the best results.
  • The importance of SEO data and the keywords specifically chosen to help searchers find your website.

“Integrations with third-party tools, such as your CRM, e-commerce software, and/or marketing platform, are running smoothly.”

Read more: https://blog.red-website-design.co.uk/2019/01/14/57-website-checklist-infographic/

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