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What Does an SEO Campaign Look Like?

The first thing to do in an SEO campaign is setting up the website to succeed for the duration of the campaign. It should be modern, user friendly, and built to convert. An SEO campaign is not going to have the long-term impact that it can have if it’s sending traffic to a less than par website. All of this work sets the foundation for the rest of the campaign. The second step is to keep with the ongoing work, which includes optimizing your website.

Key Takeaways:

Make sure the website is ready. It needs to look like you want and have proper content.

Optimize the searches to make sure that you're getting the traffic that you're seeking.

Make sure the site is mobile and load friendly to ensure the hits keep coming.

“If you want your website to rank organically in the search engines and generate targeted organic traffic over time, you need to launch an SEO campaign. Or, you need to hire an SEO professional to launch one for you. But, what does that mean exactly?”

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