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Why Should My Nonprofit Care About Website Accessibility Standards?

Since you wouldn't want to deliberately exclude people with disabilities from your organization's community, you should think about how accessible your website is, too. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines will help you create a more accessible site. Helpful approaches include simple things such as re-sizeable text and underlining links for those who can't distinguish colors, as well as other thoughtful additions, including transcripts of any audio or videos. An easy-to-navigate site structure helps all users. Test the usability of your site manually or with a tool such as the WAVE accessibility test browser extension for Chrome.

Key Takeaways:

Accessibility is an important factor in creating a website for viewers to see.

Must make site welcoming to the viewer and make them want to be on your site as a nonprofit organization.

The customer is your main focus, as they are the driving force of your organization.

“The bottom line is that every nonprofit should be concerned with accessibility and strive to make their site welcoming to any user that should land on it.”

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