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Why You Still Can’t Beat Your Search Competition

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process for a website. Results take time when changes are implemented, but if they don’t improve in six months, it is time to consider other issues which could be limiting your success. It could be that your content is poor, containing too many or few keywords to be searched, or sloppily organized. This makes search engines pass over it. Quality, as well as a quantity of content, is important. Increase it by sharing your content wider than just your website, such as in regularly updated blogs or posts to other websites. Try to increase your trust level in search engines by organizing your code neatly as well as linking only to highly credible and older websites, which have higher trust ratings with search engines.

Key Takeaways:

Your competition may be beating your SEO due to your stagnant campaign.

You need to refresh your content to enhance your campaign, update your code, content, and links.

You won't see results immediately from changing your campaign, it will take months to see a difference.

“Your competition may be outranking you not because they have better content or a better link building strategy, but simply because they have an older site.”

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