10 Things to Consider About Your Website in 2019

An up to date website design is critical to your business. Successful business owners will regularly review the effectiveness of their website to validate it is still serving the need.

Conversion Copywriting Tips for Nonprofits

There are some really good and worthwhile tips for copywriting when it comes to nonprofits. It is important to always speak directly to one person because it will make that

18 Free Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

There are 18 free marketing tools available for all of the nonprofits out there. Nonprofits are big fans of free services as well as discounted services. When it comes to

How to Make Your Nonprofit Fundraising Page Awesome

When setting up a fundraising page for your nonprofit organization these practical steps can be followed. The Organization Page appears first and is directly connected to your taxpayer identification number

Voice Search Optimization for Nonprofits

The latest and greatest advancements to come to the web is non-profit Voice Search Optimization. With all of its features such as a Featured Snippet. A Featured Snippet is Googles

Online Fundraising Just $15/Month!

There is a way to go about doing online fundraising for only fifteen dollars a month. There is an interesting fact that fundraisers can learn and it is the fact

Examples of Great Nonprofit Donation Pages

There are some good examples of nonprofit donation pages. Oxfam American is one of the greatest examples of a donation page. They show exactly the things you need to do.

Setting Up Google Analytics Goals For Beginners

Setting up Google Analytics is something that can be set up by beginners. It is important to think critically when it comes to setting up the analytics. You will need