There are several ways for online retailers to lower their amount of carts that are left abandoned on their websites. Direct mail has the highest response rate, or sending a personalized e-mail from an actual individual. Another strategy used to encourage checking out is to place customer reviews in banners throughout the website to show that real people are making purchases from your company. Rewards programs/incentives are another way of encouraging checkout. Another way that is recommended is to streamline your checkout process so your user has less steps to go through when checking out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use marketing tools such as AdWords to maintain or shift how customers are targeted.
  • Even with email and social media becoming more popular, plain old physical mail can still be effective.
  • Enabling the opportunity for customers to review your business and sales can keep them connected to you.

“We share 8 ways to convert your abandoned carts in this infographic.”

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