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4 Questions to Answer Before Building Your Own Website

Before building your own website, there are several considerations you should keep in mind, including your goals, your strategy for building a site, choosing a domain name, and what features you would like. Consider what purpose you see your website serving for your personal or business goals and what strategies should be used to achieve those goals. A successful website will not be built overnight, but keeping goals in mind will make for a more successful venture.

Key Takeaways:

Define what your companies website goals are and make a plan to achieve them.

Find a website builder that meets all of your needs.

Choose a domain name short, to the point, easy to spell and makes sense.

“If you intend to use functions like building landing pages or adding lead generation forms to your pages, you might look for integrations to email marketing automation services that have a simple sign-up and add them to your marketing conversion funnel automatically.”

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