Why Do I Need Premium WordPress Hosting?

No matter what industry you’re in or how big or small you are, your company’s website is vital for business. How you present your brand online determines how your business is perceived. Customers today make snap judgments in seconds. If your site is slow, down, or full of malware, visitors will leave and your competition is only a couple of clicks away.

Your website hosting lays the foundation for everything you do online. If your website is down or underperforming, everything else you do crumbles. Many fall into the trap of thinking they can save a few dollars on their website hosting, and realize too late that saving a few dollars on hosting costs them significantly more in the long run.

Premium WordPress hosting isn’t just for the big guys, businesses of any size can enjoy the benefits.

Get The Benefits Of Premium Website Hosting

Our premium website hosting does more than simply host your website online. It gives you a faster loading site, added security, and monitoring services to protect you around the clock from outages and service issues. If any problem arises, it is automatically resolved.

Hosted with Google Cloud

We built our hosting plans around the Google Cloud Platform. This gives you access to hyper-fast, persistent SSD storage with built-in redundancy. You can trust that your data is always safe, secure, and available when you need it.

Content Delivery Network

We work with Key CDN, a content delivery network powered by HTTP/2 and IPv6, to improve your website speed anywhere your customers are accessing you.

Included Site Staging

Unlike many cheaper hosting plans, we provide you with a staging area as a default. Duplicate your website instantly and test out any new features or plugins without having any effect on your existing site. Once you’re done testing, you can push the changes to your live site with the click of a button.

24/7 Security & Uptime Monitoring

Get top security, fast performance, and up-to-date technology. With automated daily cloud backups, hack and malware removal, and self-healing technology your website will be monitored around the clock for outages and service issues, so if any problem arises, it automatically is resolved.

Data Optimized for Speed

Our Global Data Center Optimization makes your pages load faster, reduces latency, and provides a better overall browsing experience for your visitors. Your MySQL database settings get automatically adjusted on a weekly basis to enhance performance.

Website Caching

We take care of your caching at the server level to help your website load incredibly fast. Our caching plugin provides high-level control, such as purging your cache automatically when your site is updated.

Also Included With Our Award-Winning Website Hosting:

  • Fully Managed
  • Enhanced Website Security
  • Global Data Center Optimization
  • Automatic Database Optimization
  • Automatic Daily Optimization
  • Ultimate Speed
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Hack & Malware Removal
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Self Healing Technology
  • 14-Day Backup Retention
  • Manual Backup Points
  • 10GB Storage/SSD Storage
  • Free Migration

We're Friendly & Easy To Work With


Your Website Security Is Our Top Priority

With cyberattacks on the rise, securing your website is more important than ever. Protecting your website is our top priority. Our secure WordPress hosting service includes proactive protection and routine monitoring to ensure your website is secure at the server level.

Our security features include:
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Cloudflare Firewall with free DDoS Protection
  • Google Analytics Connected
  • Automated Backups
  • Isolated LXC Containers
  • Self-Healing PHP
  • Support for Encrypted SFTP and SSH Connections Only (no FTP)

Try Our Premium Website Hosting With No Long-Term Commitment

Unlike many other hosting plans, we don’t force you to make long-term commitments before you’ve tried out our services. You can select to take it month-by-month or save more by signing up for a year. You enjoy the same great features, no matter which plan you choose.
  • Fully Managed hosting
  • Robust Security
  • Free Content Delivery Network
  • Built on the Google Cloud Platform
  • Data Storage that’s Distributed through a Global Cloud Network
  • Automatic Database Optimization
  • Ultimate speed
  • Free Migration

Manage Your Site with Ease with our Custom-Built Hosting Dashboard

Most host providers give cPanels with limited usability that are hard to read and difficult to manage. These dashboards discourage you from digging into your website data to find out everything your site is trying to tell you.
We believe that everyone should feel empowered to manage their site themselves and have access to important analytics to aid in their decision-making. So, we provide you with a custom dashboard specifically designed to make it easy to manage your WordPress website.

Our Customized Hosting Dashboard Gives You:

  • Detailed analytics
    Including performance analysis data, CDN usage and insights, bandwidth and visitor data, and cache HIT and MISS ratio.
  • Cloudflare Integration
    A built-in Cloudflare integration with optimized settings to secure and boost the performance of your site without the need for a separate Cloudflare subscription.
  • Search & Replace Tool
    A search and replace tool to perform bulk updates.
  • Purge Cache
    The ability to purge site cache within the dashboard.
  • Staging Sites
    Easy features for pushing staging sites live and restoring backups to staging.
  • SSH Keys
    The option to add your SSH keys to the MyKinsta dashboard to heighten login security.
  • Block IP Addresses
    An IP Deny tool that lets you quickly and simply block IP addresses.
  • New Relic Integration
    New Relic integration for a deeper dive into site performance issues.
  • PHP My Admin
    Quick phpMyAdmin access. Plus the ability to restart PHP as needed, as well as the option to toggle between different PHP versions with one click.
  • SSL Certificate
    The option to install your own custom SSL certificate in the dashboard (or use our automatic Cloudflare SSL certificates for free).
  • Multilingual
    A multilingual MyKinsta Dashboard available in 10 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Danish, and Swedish.
  • Premium Amazon DNS
    Premium Amazon Route 53 DNS included, so you can manage your DNS records directly within the dashboard.

See first hand how user-friendly our platform is by scheduling a demo with us today!

Try Our Premium Website Hosting With No Long-Term Commitment

Our WordPress website hosting delivers performance benefits across the board compared to budget website hosting providers.

Our Hosting Bluehost Godaddy
Page Load Time 0.41s 8.08s 4.160s
Uptime 100% 99.94% 99.159%
Peak RPS 225.5 245.68 285.92
Average RPS 163.43 162.86 195.06
Peak Response Time (ms) 2,622 15,263 15,075
Average Response Time (ms) 355 1,507 1,021

Optimized for Local and Global Traffic

When you host your site with us, you get enhanced local performance that is also ready for global traffic when your business is ready to reach customers anywhere in the world.
Our hosting service is built on a global network of servers spread out across 28 locations on five continents. Unlike other host providers, our WordPress website hosting lets you choose the data center you want to use. Locations include: the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Poland, Indonesia, South Korea, and Switzerland.

Make the Switch and Enjoy the Benefits of Premium Website Hosting Today

Our WordPress website hosting service gives your website a range of performance boosting features that will help you rank better and improve customer experience. If you’d like to make the switch and enjoy the benefits of premium website hosting, give us a try today.

Compare Hosting Features


  • Metered Bandwidth
  • No Monitoring Guarantee
  • No Detailed Performance
  • $149.99 Migration Fee
  • Staging Varies By Plan
  • CDN Varies By Plan
  • DNS Varies By Plan
  • No WooCommerce Optimization
  • No IP Geolocation
  • No Backups or Frequency Add-on
  • PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3
  • SSL Included
  • Core Varies By Plan
  • 3 Plan Tier Options
  • Plans Start at $3.95(no monthly billing option)

Our Hosting

  • No Limit Bandwidth
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Detailed Performance Analytics
  • Free Migrations Included With All Plans
  • Staging Environment Included
  • 200+ Free CDN (All Regions)
  • 200+ Free Premium DNS (All Regions)
  • WooCommerce Optimized
  • IP Geolocation
  • Additional Backups & Frequency Add-on
  • PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.0
  • Free SSL Included With All Plans
  • Same Core Infrastructure Across All Plans
  • 10 Plan Tires (and customizable)
  • Plans Start at $35/Month


  • Metered Bandwidth
  • Monitoring Not Guaranteed
  • No Detailed Performance
  • Migration With Fully Managed Plan
  • Staging Varies By Paln
  • CDN With Fully Managed Plan
  • DNS Varies By Plan
  • No WooCommerce Optimization
  • No IP Geolocation
  • No Backups or Frequency Add-on
  • PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2
  • SSL Varies By Plan
  • AWS Core Infrastructure
  • 4 Plan Tier Options
  • Plans Start at $4.50/month(requires 3-year contract)

Make Your Website Stand Above The Competition


Your website is far more than an electronic billboard with your name and contact information. It tells the story of what you do, how you do it, and why your clients love you. If it’s time for a brand-new website, we’re ready to help. Our developers and designers will partner with you to create a beautiful, information-rich site that draws traffic and gets results.


Essentially, this means making sure people can find you on the web, but it takes highly specialized skill to make that happen. The SEO pros at Strategic Websites know how to optimize every page of your site so you will rank higher in local search listings. We use innovative techniques to make sure that thousands, even millions of people searching for the products and services you offer will connect with you.

Website Maintenance

Every site is different and has its own unique website maintenance needs. We offer several different website maintenance plans, or we can work with you to create a tailor-made custom plan, that ensures your website is secure, up-to-date, and functioning when your customers visit. Free up your valuable time from routine tasks, so that you can focus on work that matters.

  • better-business-bureau
  • kinsta
  • wordpress
  • Gohighlevel
  • gravity form
  • godaddy
  • woocommerce

Have Any Questions?

Customer support is our highest priority. We are here to answer all your questions and provide you with the service and care you deserve. Let us know what you need help with

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t offer 24/7 support, but we DO have extended working hours with multiple teams in different time zones.

Our support is available:
* Mon – Fri 12 AM – 8 PM EST
* Sat 12 AM – 11:30 AM EST

We do our best to respond to support requests within 24 Hours.

Don’t worry! After you have selected and purchased your support plan, you’ll be given a “white glove” onboarding experience from your personal onboarding concierge. But if you are really an overachiever, then go ahead and make sure you have these bits of info ready.

  1. Your hosting administrator credentials.
  2. WordPress admin credentials.
  3. Any credentials to accounts you have purchased premium plugins for that you would like to keep.

Don’t worry, our team keeps these credentials private and will never share these details.

Your production (live) site is covered under both the Premium and Premium + Support plans. If you have a separate environment (staging or development) to test updates, you will need to upgrade to our Enterprise Support plan. Our Enterprise Support plan includes connecting your site to a repository, controlled by Strategic, and informing you of the updating procedures.

All of our existing Website Care clients get their websites backed up on a regular basis. So if your site gets hacked we can quickly reinstate site to a working version. Additionally, for a hacked website…

#1 We replace WordPress and plugin core files with the latest available.
#2 Custom theme/plugin code is manually checked for infection.
#3 Infected code is deleted and the vulnerable code is replaced with enhanced code.
#4 To track live web traffic and suspicious activity we install Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan plugin we also blacklist IPs based on suspicious traffic activity. We use tools that scan your site remotely to find malicious payloads and malware locations. If the remote scanner isn’t able to find a payload, we continue with other tests in this section.
#5 We also manually review the iFrames / Links / Scripts tab of the Malware Scan to look for unfamiliar or suspicious elements.

If you’re not currently a client and you’ve been hacked, and you want our help to fix it, then please reach out to us at support@strategicwebsites.com and we will follow up within 24 hours.

You can reach us at any time by emailing support@strategicwebsites.com. You can also submit a contact form from our website https://www.strategicwebsites.com/submit-a-request/.

All websites hosted with us are SSL enabled. If you are under a maintenance plan but not hosted with us, then you will have to purchase Support Hours to get this help.

Of course, you can.

Let’s say you purchased our Premium plan, and you are currently being billed once a month. If you would like to upgrade to our Annual Premium Support Plan, simply log into your account and visit the Purchase & License Information page. Click on “View Licenses,” and then click on “View Upgrades.”

Here, you will be able to see the available “Support License” upgrades associated with your account. Proceed to the checkout page and click on “Start My Support.” Our staff will be notified and will be in contact with you shortly.

Yes! If you have multiple websites you will need a Care Plan for each site. You’ll be able to manage all sites through the same dashboard.

Our team uses the Teamwork Desk ticketing system for most general support requests. To create a ticket, simply email us at support@strategicwebsites.com or submit a form on our website https://www.strategicwebsites.com/submit-a-request/. We will respond within 24 hours (but usually sooner) and will give you an update once your request is completed or if we have any questions. Our Premium + Support plan. For additional requests, you can purchase Support Hours with a 10% discount for Care Plan clients!

If the site “breaks”, we will use the backup to return it to a working version, assess the issue and then let you know what happened. The methods for this vary in some cases, especially if you have an e-commerce site.

The majority of issues are fixed free of cost, however, custom plugins, issues introduced by users, or especially time-consuming issues may be billable. We will notify you before charging anything to your account.

Yes, we keep 3 months of rolling back ups!

Unfortunately, no. See, each WordPress site requires a separate support plan with a unique support license key.

Each support license key is associated with a single site. If you wish to transfer support from one site to another, our staff will ask you to cancel your current support plan and proceed through the initial signup process once again.

We can change the plugin with an alternate plugin or update the code to make it compatible. Please keep in mind, extensive customization of code may result in the use of support hours.

In order to start the support plan downgrade process, please fill out our contact form https://www.strategicwebsites.com/contact-us/ or send us a request at support@strategicwebsites.com.

As the foundation of your business, you want your website to give your users a positive first impression. Website maintenance ensures that your website continues to stay up to date and functions optimally. Regular routine checks are performed by our team to keep your website secure, up to date, and performing properly. Learn more here.

We are partners of ManageWP, which will monitor your website 24X7.
– Scans the pages on your website and compares the code against the known malware knowledge base.
– Performs a blacklist check with a number of services, like Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, ESET, etc.
– Flags site errors and outdated software
– Each scan is stored in an archive. It allows you to look back into the past, investigate each security threat and discern a pattern if needed.

Our support team will receive emails or slack notifications when a website becomes infected. Thereafter, our team takes the necessary actions to reinstate your website.

Each website needs its own Care Plan, so please purchase a plan for each site.

Our team is distributed, meaning we work from around the globe! Our core team is local to the US while some of our employees are international and work remotely. This gives us the ability to provide the best possible service.

Our entire team works remotely. All our managerial staff is US-based and located across 3 different time zones. Additionally, we’re able to offer maximum support by recruiting the very best developers from around the world. We don’t try to hide this from anybody; in fact, we’re extremely proud of the diverse and talented team we’ve put together!

This varies on the time of day and day of the week, but most are responded to within a couple hours to let you know that we’ve received it and are getting to work. The majority of single-request tickets are solved within 24 hours. Occasionally it may take a bit longer for a long list of edits or more complex changes but we keep you informed on delays involved due to complexity. For priority support (most single-request tickets are solved within 12 hours), feel free to upgrade to our Premium + Support plan.

Again, these times are for a single task, but several tasks sent at once will be broken up and handled as multiple tickets. This may increase the turnaround time.