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Analyze Page Load Time As Part of Your SEO Audit

Analyzing page load time as part of your SEO audit is an interesting step. A search engine is a service provider for people and any good service provider in existence wants to keep the people that use it, happy. They want to rank the best pages for whatever search term is out there. That is the goal. If the search engine query is not that well developed, then it will turn into a bad user experience.

Key Takeaways:

Search engines use load time as one metric to determine where a site will rank in their results.

Tools such as Google PageSpeed Online, Pingdom, and Gtmetrix will analyze your site's load time.

To decrease load time, your page should be as simplified as possible, jettisoning unnecessary content, media, and code.

“One easy place you can increase your page load time is by getting a better website hosting package.”

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