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Identifying and Overcoming Common Nonprofit Challenges

There are ways to identify and overcome very common challenges for nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations are all unique in their design and their mission, and there are common things that all will need to overcome in order to thrive and survive a long time. If progress is to be achieved, then the organization needs to know where they sit and where their potential resides. Knowing where it sits in relation to its peers is vital to their growth.

Key Takeaways:

Program growth emphasizes the importance of communicating impact while reporting impact on donors is no easy task.

Recruitment and retention challenge upper-midrange organizations and keeping employees engaged seems like a number one priority.

You need to match donor behavior to overcome the barriers to data analytics.

“The more upper-midrange nonprofits—and those of all sizes—can learn from benchmarking against their peers, the better prepared they will be to advance their mission and support continued growth.”

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