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Why Two-Factor Authentication Isn’t Always Totally Secure

Users want a secure way to log in to their own account. That will prevent hacking attempts from affecting their own security. A two factor authentication has been a popular way to address that concern. But there are security concerns being raised with that new practice. It is true that two factor authentication isn't always secure for the user. There are important details that people have to consider in the long run for security purposes.

Key Takeaways:

Two factor authentication is a very secure way to handle your accounts on the internet.

Two factor authentication can result in a lot of money being taken from you still.

One person had their account hacked even with two factor authentication enabled.

“With about 30,000 websites being hacked everyday and over 90,978 of WordPress sites of all sizes are being attacked every minute, it makes sense to add an extra layer of security.”

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