One of the things that our clients love most about our Managed WordPlus Care Plans – and about working with us in general – is how easy it is to get started and to stay on top of what we do for your website. You don’t have to wonder what changes were made, whether or not we’re taking care of things behind the scenes, or what you need to be doing for your site each month. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can do what you do best – run your business.

Getting started with us is easy!

Step One: Choose a Plan

Review the pricing and benefits of each plan and decide which one suits your budget and your needs. All of our plans aim to be cost effective and we provide a few options to make sure any website with any size or complexity can be served well.

Step Two: Sign up and Get Started

When you feel confident and ready to begin working with us, pay for your plan and we can begin right away. We will need backend WordPress access and FTP access to perform our tasks each month. Once we have the basic sign-up info from you, we can get started securing, backing up, and optimizing your website.

Step Three: Stay in the Loop

Each month, we provide a detailed monthly report that lets you know if there were any issues with your site, how secure your site is, when your last restore point was set, and generally how your site is performing from a foundational level. See a sample PDF report here.

Step Four: Utilize our Website Support Desk

One of the benefits of investing in a Managed WordPress Care Plan is that we offer website support for any website changes you may need. You get priority support access with our dedicated development team. View your chosen plan to determine if website support is included with your plan or if you qualify for the discounted hourly rate. We can handle any website change requests, such as upload or replace photos and videos, change out content copy, website error repairs, website access issues, and general website updates, so you don’t have to!

Step Five: Set it and Forget it

Now that you have set your Managed WordPress Care Plan in motion, your website becomes so much more hands-off. You don’t have to stress about making sure your site isn’t broken, protecting yourself from hackers, or testing plugin health. We monitor all this for you and repair any problems that may arise. It’s one less thing for busy business owners to worry about. That’s what we’re here for!