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Custom WordPress Development Pricing

Would you like to pay a lower hourly rate for custom WordPress development? Great! If you are already a customer on one of our WordPress maintenance and care plans, you get a 10% discount on hours. If you want to save more, buy a larger block of hours and will we give you deeper discounts. Don't worry, the hours never expire!

Hours Total Price Bulk Discount Hourly Rate
1 $85 $85
10 $680 20% $68
20 $1,275 25% $64
40 $2,380 30% $60
50 $2,763 35% $55
100 $5,100 40% $51

Purchase Hours

If you’re not sure how many hours you’ll need for the changes you want, no problem!

Schedule A Consultation

Additional 10% off our Hourly Rate for Care Plan Customers!