All internet users have responded to a “call to action” many times. Every time we download something, create an account or set up a profile, we've responded to a call to action (or CTA, as the site calls them). There are five basic types, and they can be used by almost any business. The five types are: Onscreen CTA, such as clicking a link that appears during or at the end of a video; Single Button, which prominently displays the call to action; Freebies Opt-In, because everyone likes to get something for free; Premium Trials, where the user can get a free trial of an app or service; and “The No Bulls**t,” usually used only by companies that are already well-known.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use an on-screen call to action since a visual display or video is more compelling.
  • Use a single button to focus attention and avoid clutter.
  • Set up a freebies opt-in that is easy for the customer to accept.

“Newsletter opt-in is not a hard commitment (it only requires an email address).”

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