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10 inspiring examples of sign up forms

It is helpful to know information regarding the difficulties that companies have with getting users to fill out their sign up forms. Various examples of companies are provided who have had success with their tactics. Facebook is one of the companies who has been successful and that is due to their short sign up process. It only requires users to enter very simple information. Another example is Mint, the example given shows that it only requires 3 pieces of simple information. Various other examples are given and they're all successful sites online.

Key Takeaways:

Sign-up forms for businesses/social media can be hit or miss, so it is explained how you can make it simple and easy for people by still getting the info you want.

Sites like Facebook and Reddit are nice, because they only ask for a few key pieces of information, so people can easily sign up in a few minutes!

Other websites have aesthetically pleasing sign-up pages and little funny comments throughout that help make the process more pleasurable.

“Like we said, people don’t enjoy filling out forms. Designers have to create forms that are so easy to fill out that the user doesn’t have to do much work.”

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