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Use This Test to Find Out Which Plugins are Slowing Down Your WordPress Site

If your pages take longer to render, those users very well may look elsewhere for whatever it is your site provides. Often, the culprit behind lagging pages on WordPress sites is one or more plugins. Any time a page loads from a WordPress website in a user’s browser, the browser and server go through a series of calls and responses. WordPress core files set out a specific series of actions, but plugins can actually change that default series. So a WordPress plugin or group of plugins can quite easily and quite significantly add to the page’s load time by issuing additional calls and requests to the server.

Key Takeaways:

WordPress is a great platform. One weakness that it suffers from, however, is it can be quite slow.

WordPress plugins are obviously quite useful, but some of the best fall under the caching category, as they drastically improve page loads time, and best of all, all of them are on for free.

This isn’t one thing but really a few easy things that you can do to ensure that your homepage loads quickly, which probably is the most important part of your site.

“Testing for slow WordPress plugins doesn’t take too long. Maybe an hour of your time, a little research into some replacements, and you’ll quickly have your WordPress site running at top speed again!”

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