Mobile Usability Problems in WordPress Site

How to Test Your WordPress Site for Mobile Usability Problems

There is a way to test your WordPress site for mobile usability issues. One could argue that the UX priorities for mobile have not changed very much over the last couple of years. Speed is something that is very vital. A site that does not load quickly will not be that fun to visit. Many people will leave it before it even gets to the home screen. A lot of mobile devices are now a lot faster than their computer counterparts.

Key Takeaways:

First thing is to get an android and apple device to test those items live with your site.

Play with the various fillable areas and see if they actually work the way you want them to work.

Having a few devices handy lets you test those options and see if your site is as user friendly for all your target audiences.

“An emulator or simulator will give you a balance between using an actual device and testing in the desktop browser.”

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