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Web development trends which will revolutionize the tech world in 2018

As the web develops there are trends that are being noticed which should be strong into 2018 and beyond. One of the first is chatbots, especially interactive ones. AI is growing in strength and it has the ability to create meaningful content and interaction with your customers when live people aren't available. Another is instant push notifications, or instant messages focused on what you're interested in, such as stock changes or when to get the latest concert tickets. The last is cryptocurrency or bitcoin, which is huge this year and starting to make it into the regular marketplace.

Key Takeaways:

Interactive chatbots will build over the year as AI gets stronger and stronger.

Push notifications will always be helpful, giving customers the opportunity to be contacted when they want.

Cryptocurrencies have grown over the year and slowly gaining traction into traditional customer interactions and purchases.

“The trends keep changing at a very fast rate. In order to be successful and build a brand, it is a must to keep track of the changes in IT trends.”

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