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Web Development Mistakes That Harm SEO

Web development may come with some routine mistakes that these teams make. That could actually harm SEO in some surprising ways as well. That could detract from the end goal for these various websites. It could also minimize the monetary returns that the SEO team has made over time. Web development mistakes can be minimized with the right ideas. Host a team meeting to give some updates about web development, then take feedback at the meeting.

Key Takeaways:

One common web development mistake is a website focused on visual appeal with little text information.

Another mistake is to forget about meta information. Pages should have individual titles and descriptions with unique keywords.

Page redirects should be used properly as well as tracking codes.

“The purpose of this post isn’t to put down web developers. It’s to inform you, the website owner, that web development and SEO are two different things and that web developers might not be looking out for SEO, because it’s technically not their job to do so.”

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