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The Anatomy of a Successful Website Pop-up

Back then there was limited technology and website design so most websites you visited would probably fill your screen with annoying pop ups. Now with all the technology and resources we have for making websites there is no excuse for having pop ups on your website. However, there is a good use for pop ups. If you use your pop up in a good way it could be helpful to your website if you're trying to sell something.

Key Takeaways:

Pop ups are recommended on your site as a tool for better flow of traffic and is a good marketing tool.

There is a small learning curve with the use of pop ups as most people know how to use them.

Use colors such as purple in the pop up. Also use the colors of your product line as needed. Color as well as text font can appeal to peoples emotions.

“Web developers and designers aren’t limited by technology or technique anymore, which means there are no more excuses for bad design.”

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