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Google offers advice on how to get ready for the mobile-first index

Google is releasing something called Mobile-first index. This will allow users the ability to quickly scroll through data on their phones that has been cataloged by Google. Users should have updated software so that it will work at its optimum. The software will work seamlessly with mobile and full desktop platforms for an easy interface. The software will also give prompts so that the user has a summary of the sites that it has gathered.

Key Takeaways:

Work on your mobile content to make sure it is as high quality as your desktop site.

Make sure metadata is present on both versions to make sure you are being routed correct for SEO.

With increased hits comes increased crawl rate, so ensure that your servers can handle this increase in mobile traffic.

“You will know when your site moved over by checking to see a significantly increased crawling rate by the Smartphone Googlebot in your log files and the snippets in the results, as well as the content on the Google cache pages, will be from the mobile version of your web pages.”

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