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The Guide to Google Posts for Google My Business

Google is a great business tool. Many use it. It is a very popular search engine and there are other parts of it as well such as Google Plus. This is a guide to Google posts for business so you can make it work for you. You can get a lot of attention this way which means potential customers. You can get a lot of income based on who sees you on Google. You can't really afford to ignore your online presence anymore since tech is so commonly used.

Key Takeaways:

Share events, products, and services directly in Google Search and Google Maps with Google Posts, created through Google My Business.

Google Posts are small cards that appear within the knowledge.

These cards are great for promoting timely content to customers at the right time and are managed through an intuitive interface inside of Google My Business and can be added for each business.

“Google Posts are a quick and easy way to enhance the experience for people that are searching for your business.”

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