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Change Fonts on Any Websites with This Chrome Extension

This is an extension you can get for Chrome. It lets you make the fonts different for any website. Since not all fonts are easy to read this is a great thing. If you can't reading a site you can just change the font. It will make it so no site is off limits to you when normally you wouldn't be able to use certain ones. It is an easy to use extension as well.

Key Takeaways:

You have your pick of every font in the Google Fonts library which is pretty massive. This lets you test out different ideas on any website you choose, including your own!

It’s a totally free extension and works on basically every website, even on pages that you’re testing locally.

It’s a free plugin for Chrome that lets you change out fonts based on certain filters. You can find whatever font a website is using, then target that font and replace it with anything else you like.

“No question this is one of the most useful font testing tools for web designers.”

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