WordPress Safe For ECommerce

Is WordPress Safe for eCommerce Websites?

WordPress is a staple tool used by many top ranked web development teams. Some goals may include an all new eCommerce website that is in development. But WordPress might not be the right choice to make that happen. These eCommerce websites may simply be too large in scale for WordPress. There are other limitations that will need to be considered as well. But that doesn't mean that WordPress is a bad platform for design features to take place.

Key Takeaways:

Although no platform is foolproof, WordPress uses many features to allow for industry-standard security with the understanding that companies and individuals are expected to maintain basic security.

When using plug-ins or third party add-ons, it's important to follow a set of protocols to ensure maximum security.

From non-profits to retail to opinion related sites, WordPress is used and relied upon by many organizations

“Of course, a WordPress eCommerce site will only be as secure as you make it be.”

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