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How to Measure Influencer Marketing Campaigns: 5 Analytical Approaches

There is a way to measure influencer marketing campaigns. There are 5 analytical approaches you can use. One approach you can do is establishing a campaign reach via followers as well as posting impressions and referral traffic. Another approach out there is measuring campaign engagement via clicks, likes, reactions and shares. When your campaign goal is engagement, you can not only measure the number of engagements, but you can also measure the cost per engagement.

Key Takeaways:

Being able to measure the success of your social influencer campaign is important to your overall return on investment.

Knowing how many fans you have reached and what their reactions are to your campaign helps you to determine if you are investing your time wisely.

Use Google analytics to measure your audience growth and target your campaign towards your general demographic to get the best results.

“Influencer engagement essentially indicates the future of your brand loyalty among consumers and is a powerful way your brand can track long-term ROI.”

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