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3 Ways Marketing Automation and Content Marketing Drive More Sales

Content marketing is all about content. The content helps attract attention from potential customers. With the right content marketing strategy, you can not only entice the right kinds of potential consumers but also funnel them through into becoming real customers who can bolster your bottom line. Content can overwhelm even the most likely of customers. It's not about quantity when it comes to content marketing; it's increasingly critical to ensure your content is quality if you want to maximize your conversion rate.

Key Takeaways:

Every two days, we create the same amount of information that we did from the dawn of civilization until 2003.

Marketing automation allows you to use your best information over and over again to generate new sales and old sales.

The automated message a new subscriber gets takes about seven days to convert them to a regular visitor.

“Marketing automation lets you use your best content, again and again, to convert new subscribers into raving fans and buyers.”

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