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Are you regularly updating your Google My Business Account?

Recently, we've seen a lot of client success with those who are regularly adding content to their Google My Business account. So, we pose the question – are you updating your content? If the answer is no, we highly suggest you start. Google tends to favor accounts that provide regular Google My Business updates.

Follow our step-by-step instructions to start your first post:

Sign in to your Google Business account here. Once you are in your account, you will see the following screen:

On the lefthand side, you will see an option ‘Posts' – select this. 

From here, you can select which content you would like to update. While the selections for each varies, it's important to always add a captivating title, photo and as many details as possible with a corresponding button when needed. Be sure to always press ‘update' or ‘save', as well.

Below is a great example of what your ‘finished product' will look like, and should look like. There is a captivating headline, photo, learn more button – plus, it gives the reader a chance to see all posts, and visit the business on social media! 


This process is simple, and it goes a really long way. It not only helps improve your SEO ranking, but having an active, and current account is the key to a potential client choosing between your business and your competitor. The easier it is to find good information, the better it is for your business. This is a tip that no one can afford to turn down in the digital marketing era.

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