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How to ask for support right now

It is undoubtedly a trying time for businesses all over the world, but it's especially hard right now for small businesses. Many small businesses are taking a big hit.  People are desperately scrambling to try and find ways to help businesses just like yours. There are many business owners who are struggling to try to keep up with everyday tasks because they had to let employees go. But, asking for support should be a top focus.

Small ways to ask for support, that go a long way (and cost next to nothing):

Rate and review your business on Google 

A lot of small business owners don't always see the time value of working on Google because there are just so many other things to do. But, now that everything is essentially online and not in-person, your Google account has never mattered more. Consider sending out an email asking, adding a slip of paper into the product you sell, and adding “Review us on Google” to your email signature. Potential shoppers, customers, and clients love to see the experiences that others had with your business. According to Oberlo, 56% of consumers read at least 4 reviews before buying a product.  

Follow your business on social media 

You need social media to survive as a business in this current climate. Once you have created your accounts, or if you already have social media accounts, start asking your clientelle to follow you via social media. Organically, followers will start engaging with your business more, share your posts among their friends, and followers can even buy a product right in the app. Social media often grasps different audiences as well. Be sure you are updating your accounts with timely and great content. Remember, quality over quantity.

Offer specials (as much as you can)

Huge specials may not be in the books, but we have seen some fun specials like contests, referral discounts (for both existing and new customers), and discounts for first time shoppers/clients. When a consumer thinks they are getting a great deal, it's way easier to get them in the door to purchase your product. Once they are in the door, it's way more likely they will stay there. Pushing giftcards is also a great special.

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