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Reusing Google Analytics Campaign Information with Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics is going to be a popular program for web development. The company is now introducing the Google Tag Manager for a lot of projects. Their latest campaign is sure to attract a lot of attention for those involved. Google Tag Manager is working to secure services for users that follow updates. Google Analytics is popular for many reasons overall. Join the debate and follow work that gets done with these professionals.

Key Takeaways:

One traditional solution has been to include Classic Analytics and send its hits to a dummy UA number.

These correspond to dimensions in Google Analytics. We can use these Variables to use for a condition in a Trigger or to pass values to a Tag.

We can use this concept with any of our campaign variables, too; want to fire a modal for users visiting from a specific campaign? Use the JS – GA Campaign Variable.

“This does the job, but adds a lot of JavaScript that we don’t need.”

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