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Reusing Ecommerce Variables in Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager is a worthwhile tool that just about anyone could use. Web design teams will want to get familiar with Google tag manager over time too. That might prove to be a difference maker for a variety of reasons. Customize the content found online and reuse details when the web design phase is completed too. E-commerce variables can be found in the Google tag manager.

Key Takeaways:

Start by tracking purchases. Advertisers love seeing what people buy to see if they are targeting the right groups.

Same idea is to do that with add to cart events. This will see what people look at or reconsider to help craft ads.

Don't be afraid to add more things to one tag. The tag is versatile and can do multiple things at once.

“By using the recommended Enhanced Ecommerce implementation for Google Tag Manager, your data will be structured in a way that makes this type of recipe possible.”

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