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Cleaning Your Data with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

It is important to reformat your data to keep things consistent and relevant. When labeled correctly, formatting your data can save you some time. It's empowering to know that this can be done yourself and without a developer knowing that it used to be a very hard, challenging process. Make sure your data is correct before and after you finished the other tasks. If the data is not correct, all the other work you put in will be wasted.

Key Takeaways:

Data quality issues can plague a Google Analytics account. This makes analysis quite difficult.

There are a number of ways to affect the data that is collected in Google Analytics.

When there is a data challenge, you can typically handle it be either sending or reporting it.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all for variable filtering and adjusting, but generally our rule of thumb is to create a strategy, document, and disseminate the strategy among your team, and stick to it!”

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