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How to Find Personally Identifiable Data in Your Google Analytics

Well who knew that Google was keeping your personally identifiable information, or PII in the analysis of your usage? Surely one might want to find out what the information is that they are keeping. To fully understand this you will need to install Google Analytics Sheets Add-On. Here you will find your info listed from email addresses to credit cards with all your personal information in between. One should also be aware to use the view filters to make sure they have checked all the information listed.

Key Takeaways:

Sending Personally Identifiable Information to Google's Analytics servers is against Google's Terms of Service.

Email addresses are common sources of PII, and easy to filter out; just exclude strings that include the @ symbol.

Setting up filters to look for phone number strings and address formats can help strip them out of your data.

“Keeping personally identifiable information, or PII, out of your GA data is vital for many reasons.”

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