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Getting Started with Google Analytics Segments

Segments is a great tool within Google Analytics for grouping and comparing users by commonalities. Segments can aid us in weeding through the copious amounts of data presented to us in Google Analytics by displaying it in more manageable chunks. You can also use this data to create specialized segments, like auto mechanics with an annual income over $100,000. You can use Advanced options to create custom segments, which can be used for daily reporting or ad-hoc analysis. From the Admin screen, you can create audiences, which can be shared across Google AdWords and Optimize 360. This can be very helpful with strategic marketing and advertising campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

Google Analytics is a great resource and has an all new interface. Try to get started and enjoy the features now on display online as well.

Define conditions and see what happens to the data.

Many businesses and researchers could make good use out of Google Analytics. That is why the platform has received glowing reviews so far out there.

“Used within the Google Analytics interface, segments allow you to ‘slice and dice’ your data into smaller chunks, based on conditions that you’ve defined.”

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