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How to Connect Google Analytics and Search Console

Google Analytics has proven to be a worthwhile asset that people enjoy using. Find out how to make more out of Google Analytics from its design. Many users have left a good feedback based on their initial impression as well. A search console account could be a useful feature that people want to try. Google Analytics is renowned for the work that they tend to do. The company is a popular service provider in their own right.

Key Takeaways:

Start off with enabling the analytics function through Google so you can start tracking those trends.

You will have to verify that you are the owner of the site and you want the analytics on.

Once done you'll be able to run the code and examine the stats that Google has prepared.

“The Google Analytics and Search Console integration makes it easy to see your organic ranking data from Search Console merged with page-level data from Google Analytics, and only takes a few minutes to connect.”

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