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Using Events as Goals in Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides several different types of goals, including Destination and Event-based. While many users prefer the former, they are remiss in neglecting the value of the latter, for the reason that these events are extremely versatile. In order to really exploit the power of these event types, one should focus on the event value, applying a unique one to the specific event. In doing this, a user can utilize new and useful types of reports and conduct high-level analysis. One of the barriers to using these events is getting the data into them; however there are a number of specialized tools for this purpose.

Key Takeaways:

Many people still prefer the old Destination Goals, even though they are less versatile than the more modern events.

Events as Goals key takeaway is their ability to pull information that may not be normal page hit concepts.

For instance, you can get info like third-party click through rates or timings on videos, to help you work on your goals.

“But what do we get by using Events as Goals? If Events, in general, give us versatility, Events as Goals give us precision.”

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