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A Web Designer’s Dirty Little Secret – You Don’t Need A Website

You are just a brand new business and you want to get your name out there, right? You print up advertising material, hold a grand opening and then what? You need a website right? So you ask around and find someone great to design one for you. But honestly do you really want to pursue that right away? Your online reputation is everything. Starting from scratch you really want to work on your reputation more than a website. Remember Reputation is everything.

Key Takeaways:

A website is a poor investment until you have an online presence through other sources.

Look toward getting great reviews on sites like Yelp or other review sites that will build your value for free.

Your free Google Places account is a good place to start your “site” as you build up your reputation, even housing pictures.

“Your online reputation is more important than your website, so spend your time and money building that first.”

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