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How to Make Your Website More Secure

Many stories about website hacking have been circulating lately making internet users more cautious about what information they put online. While all of this is going on, many online businesses still are not making consumer security a priority. Google put a chrome update in place to help with this. They now label websites with a red indicator at the top if they are not secure. This has impacted the business of websites that show up as not secure to web users.

Key Takeaways:

Consumers have grown more leery about their internet browsing since the topic website and personal data hacking and theft has become a popular point of discussion.

Well known for their innovative style, Google found yet another way to set the bar high for other companies. Focusing on the their users interests, their updated browser warns users of unsecure sites.

According to a recent survey 82% of users would leave a site if they knew it wasn't secure. Almost half of consumers use Chrome, creating a possible impact on businesses without an SSL secured website.

“The update they released to their popular Chrome browser now warns users if a website is not secure – right inside that user’s browser.”

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