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Secure Your WordPress Website in 2018: 24 Simple Tricks

There are 24 very simple tricks that will allow you to secure your WordPress site. There are many website owners out there that have complained about security issues with WordPress. They do not think it is safe and this is common. But, this is not true and it is actually the opposite. WordPress is quite secure. The reason for this case is that it is usually the fault of the user when their site is hacked.

Key Takeaways:

Website owner's need to take important steps to stay safe from being hacked.

The WordPress website can be prevented from hacking, by protecting the login page by adding /wp-login.php or /wp-admin/ at the end of your domain.

Using a 2-factor authentication (2FA) is a good measure to protect the websites where the Google Authenticator application sends a secret code to the phone, providing after which one will be able to login.

“A lockdown feature for failed login attempts can solve the huge problem of continuous brute force attempts.”

Read more: https://www.codeinwp.com/blog/secure-your-wordpress-website/

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