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How to Set Up an Affiliate or Referral Program on Your WordPress Site

Affiliated marketing is a great way to make more money on WordPress by adding a passive income stream. One way to do this is via Affiliate or Referral Programs. These programs can increase the visits to your site, increase your brand awareness, gather contact info for leads and membership, provide you more themes, allow for free PDF downloads of your content and ultimately generate more sales. WordPress streamlines this process with the use of plugins for your marketing or e-commerce website. Simply install the plugin of choice, use the settings to determine when and how you pay affiliates and integrate with your other plugins like MailChimp or WooCommerce. Don’t forget to then create the links to affiliates, as they aren’t automatically created. Now lean back and watch as your affiliates start directing traffic and money your way!

Key Takeaways:

An affiliate program is an unofficial support page designed to promote products.

This is a great way to increase site traffic and capture more email leads.

This plugin is essential for marketing affiliate pages as it allows your PayPal to be linked directly.

“Think about what your customers would value most. Then create a rewards system that caters to that.”

Read more: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/how-to-set-up-an-affiliate-or-referral-program-on-your-wordpress-site/

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