Why WordPress Uses PHP

WordPress uses PHP, a server-based programming language, in contrast to Java and HTML which are client-side languages. PHP makes the database more accessible to the website and allows the server to fetch data. WordPress then can display the data retrieved as HTML. This mix of PHP and HTML is much more robust than one language alone, allowing a PHP template or plugin to make many pages for your website, then present them in HTML. These pages it creates are also updated dynamically when changes occur in the database, by updating a simple tag or call for data in PHP instead of needing to update many static HTML pages. PHP creates a link between your content in the database and your website, allowing updates to occur faster, easier and be more accurate.

Key Takeaways:

WordPress actually uses PHP code for a lot of the tasks. People want to know why WordPress uses PHP code to handle that problem.

A detailed answer to the question will be under consideration going forward. Learn PHP for WordPress and come to a few conclusions along the way.

There are special events and other ongoing activities for WordPress and PHP. Meet with other people who want to learn more about the PHP details in time.

“Why does WordPress use PHP? In this video from my course, Learn PHP for WordPress, you'll get a detailed answer to this question.”

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