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SEO Mistakes Web Developers Make

In order to improve the overall functionality and success of your website, it is important for both Website Development and Search Engine Optimization to be a focus. It is vital to know that SEO and Website Development are not the same and that you should have both. There are a few common issues that Website Developers make. Simply creating an aesthetically pleasing website might not benefit your SEO. Some website developers create these “text-lite” websites that aren't crawl-able for search engines. Another mistake that website developers make is creating a site that does not utilize unique meta and title tags for different keywords. Additionally, it is important to look at your website reporting data to see where leads are coming from. Lastly, when older website pages become obsolete, make sure to have your website developer use a 301 redirect to ensure the link trust is maintained and that users are not directed to a blank page on your site.

Key Takeaways:

Website performance needs to be checked just like other marketing activity that takes place.

There are times when a site needs to get a facelift because older pages are not relevant anymore.

Web developers and SEOs do not have the very same job functions.

“Find a happy medium of text for SEO and imagery that isn’t going to slow a site down. Avoid high-resolution images, large image and video files, and flash.”

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