SSL Certificate and Why Your Business Website Needs One

What is SSL Certificate and Why Your Business Website Needs One.

Your business website should definitely have an SSL certificate. A lot of people might wonder just what exactly an SSL certificate is. Website owners a lot of times think that https has something to do with their site's performance, but it does not. That is because almost all of the big companies use SSL certification. The SSL certificate is actually a security technology that allows encrypted data exchange between both a web browser and also a server.

Key Takeaways:

It is very important for operators of websites to completely understand SSL certification and the importance of a Https website.

The difference between HTTP and Https is the “s” which stands for security due to the encryption between the web-browser and the server.

The SSL certification is important to get because viewers of your website will otherwise see that your site in “not secure” and that will effect the sites perceived credibility.

“When a secure link is established, all the data shared between a web browser and a server remains private and secure.”

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