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When Do I Use a Canonical Vs a 301 Redirect Vs a 302 Redirect?

Are you a SEO professional looking for some quick rules of thumb on when to choose canonical redirect, a 301 redirect, or a 302 redirect? Read on for a solid discussion about when and where to apply these technical solutions to keep your traffic high and optimize your results. Remember, each has a role to play in your content management!

Key Takeaways:

Canonical tags are meta tags placed in the <head> of your page that points to the original source of the information contained on the page.

A canonical tag is useful to tell Google when content on your site or another site may be duplicated.

Canonical tags can help you when your content is scraped or syndicated because it tells the search crawlers (the ones that respect canonicals, at least) the original source of the content.

“Canonicals, 301s, and 302s are all valid to use at different times and all have their pros and cons.”

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