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15 Must-Know Plugins for Freelance Writers

There are some useful plugins that can be tried by freelance writers. These plugins are helpful tools that freelance writers need to consider. These can improve the quality of their writing and make them more popular. Check out plugins like Novelist and Editorial Calender when possible. These tools will expand the capacity of many writers on the market. Nelio Content can help writers publish their work immediately. It is touted as an indispensable tool on its own.

Key Takeaways:

Novelist is one of the best, giving you the opportunity to literally write books for your content.

Testimonial widget gives you the literal tool to have comments and praise embedded on your site.

The Hire Me Widget gives you the ability to have people contact you instantly and hire you on the spot for work.

“Content writing — in general — is all about communicating a message in the clearest and most engaging way possible.”

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