Avoid Landing Page Errors

5 Landing Page Errors to Avoid like the Plague

There are 5 landing page errors that need to be avoided like the plague. Landing pages are a very large part of online advertising. They help to drive conversion rates and they also increase ad efficacy. If you have any experience running an ad campaign, then you know that the landing page is a huge factor that decides whether or not a user will convert. Having a dull CTA button is one thing you will want to avoid.

Key Takeaways:

The landing page will make it possible to reveal great content. But there are some errors that need to be avoided at all costs.

Unclear design will make the experience confusing for anyone. Aesthetics do count when designing a functional landing page.

Form fields are a consistent feature for the landing page. But dysfunctional form fields can be a pain for anyone using the site.

“Don’t let your landing page be one that doesn’t inspire action from customers and ends up losing money.”

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